Starting January 1, 2015, you can now pay your JBS
invoices using the Intuit Payment System.  

You will now find a web link printed on your invoices.
Ex.  https://INP.Intuit2c3

Simply type the link into your web browser and you will be taken
to the Intuit Payment System web site.  Your JBS Invoice number
and balance will be shown.

Please remember, the web link is unique to each invoice so it will be different for each invoice you receive.  Do not bookmark it.

Simply enter your payment information and submit it to JBS.
There are no fees to use the Intuit Payment System.  

All current contract terms and due dates still apply.  Be sure to
initiate your payment by the due date on your invoice to
avoid late payment fees.  
Save Time & Money - Go Green - Avoid Late Charges

Pay your JBS Invoices Online with Master Card or Visa